Wicked Bucks Party Ideas

Have you been given the holy responsibility to put on your mates bucks night? This is an important evening in a man’s life and not something you want to buck up! Luckily we have reached out to the girls at Bad Bunny Entertainment to get there best non-adult ideas for putting on a wicked bucks night.

Book Your Own Private Jet

Budget: $3000

squad number: 6-12

time of year: Whenever the sky is blue

Wicked /10: 10

So what is your destination? Melbourne, Sydney or maybe its Brisvages! take to the sky and jet set to a new exciting city to really enjoy your bucks party in style. With a private jet from Privatefly you can book out your own private jet for you and the boys, landing in any major Australian airport like your Justin Bieber flying in for a show!

We told you we weren’t kidding when we said these ideas were going to be wicked! With your own private jets, you are not stuck to the normal rules of flight, drink, dance and even have a put of golf down the plane, why not! it’s your jet for the next few hours. That’s right no rules, the bucks party starts as soon as you step onboard, strippers? why not.

Now we know what your thinking, this is going to be crazy expensive right? well, your kinda right, its true not just Joe blow can hire a private Jet! But many private companies including Airly offer great discounts for bucks parties and group bookings. Before you know it you will be living the baller life for only a few thousand dollars!

Extreme Fishing Charters

Budget: $5oo – $750

 squad number: 4-6

 time of year: In the summertime

Wickedness: 8

The next activity is something that all guys would love to do, but often it’s hard to find the time for all your mates to get together. That’s the amazing thing about a bucks party, everyone comes together! And what no better way to spend the time together than going out for some extreme fishing. Many companies across the Australian coast offer all-day fishing charters, taking you and boys out for a fun day on the water.

Many charters including Far North Sports Fishing will take a group of you for 6 – 8 lads onto the water to go out and catch some of the biggest and exclusive fish in the sea! Plus, did we mention alcohol is provide? yep, sink back a few beers and enjoy pulling in some big tuna.

Go Off-Road With Rovers 

Budget: $200 –

 squad number: 4-6

 time of year: In the summertime

Wickedness: 8

Now, this isn’t your average road trip or a weekend getaway with the boys! This is a special trip that requires special cars. Rovers or Land Rover Defenders are just as wicked as they are luxurious, taking you and the lads on an cross country adventure.

Pick your starting point, pack some swags and head out into the outback of Australia for a few nights. The team at Bear rentals have a fleet of kitted out 4×4 offroad Rovers that will get you cruising in the outback in style!


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