Why Borosilicate Glasses are the Most Popular Laboratory Glassware?

Borosilicate Glasses

Borosilicate glasses are one of the most popular types of laboratory glassware manufactured in the market today. Glassware for labs is made from several types of commercial glasses however the borosilicate glassware for laboratories are one of the most widely- sought after glasses in the world. They have a low coefficient for expansion and are highly resistant to chemical attacks. This glassware is used as beakers, test tubes, kettles, flasks and ground joints along with other scientific products. If one takes proper care of them, they can withstand all temperatures that are widely used in lab settings.

Facts About Borosilicate Laboratory Glassware

One should note that the borosilicate type of laboratory glassware is not affected by most materials except caustic hot solutions, hydrofluoric acid, and phosphoric acid. It is prudent to keep this glassware away from hydrofluoric acid in any form even if present in a very low concentration like one part per million in a solution. When it comes to phosphoric acid and caustic solutions no problems are caused to the borosilicate glassware when cold however if they are at very high-temperature corrosion will take place. For instance, if a solution has caustic acid up to 30% concentration, the glassware can be managed safely.

Be Careful of Heat

One should note that laboratory projects often involve agitation and heat. Hot beakers are often kept on hot plates or flasks might contain boiling solutions in the laboratory. In such a case laboratory glassware made of borosilicate glass should be kept away from hot temperatures and items. This also includes overhead stirrers and mantles that are very hot to touch.

Where Can One Buy Quality and Durable Laboratory Glassware Supplies?

When it comes to glassware used in the laboratory, one should always ensure they are purchased from reliable and esteemed brands in the market. The glassware should be safe and certified for use for a specific project. There are several types of borosilicate glassware available for laboratory use. You can buy them from local stores that specialize in laboratory glassware products or choose to buy them from online websites that offer you a wider range of products from a single source.

There are reliable brands available in the market for one to buy laboratory glassware supplies. One may check the names of reliable laboratory supply companies before buying them on the Internet. Reputed websites will sell safe and durable borosilicate glassware. Compare different websites and read their online reviews as well as customer testimonials.

One should go through honest reviews to get an insight into the quality of the laboratory glassware before ordering them. One should also go through the terms and conditions of the website carefully to check the returns and refunds policy. Good websites will provide one with quality certified products. Some even customize products for laboratories so before ordering from these websites, talk with the experienced experts here and order the borosilicate and other laboratory glassware products from a single place without hassles.

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