Top Splashback Trends You Need to Watch Out Now

Splashback Trends

Did you know how to add value, character and style to your existing kitchen without carrying out a full-fledged makeover? A coloured kitchen splashback is an answer. Many kitchen splashback trends have come and gone, but now something exceptional has arrived that will inspire you!

Kitchen is the focal point of your home and a respectable amount of time is spent in the kitchen performing chores such as cleaning vegetables and fruits, food preparation, cooking, serving and washing, as well as, entertaining family and friends. That’s the reason why the kitchen room often updated than the other rooms. However, costs can shoot up steeply when you perform your kitchen renovation, so it pays to do your research. How would you feel if you did know how to infuse a new life into your kitchen interiors without emptying your pocket. It would feel awesome. Isn’t it!

Under-Lit Glass Kitchen Splashbacks

Glass splashback has been a highly sought after feature for the kitchen; however, now the demand is on the rise for an under-lighting to further emphasise the streamlined, modest look of glass. Under-lit glass splashbacks are practical, efficient and economical, and they provide close to mirrored aesthetics. Today, there is a variety of coloured glass kitchen splashbacks than ever before. Available in black splashback, white splashback, red splashback, green splashback and more, you’ll get the glass splashback in your favourite colour choice to adorn your kitchen.

Crackle Glass Kitchen Splashbacks

Crackle glass was around for years, but only recently it surged into high demand with homeowners, especially for home decor. It is effortless to clean crackle glass kitchen splashbacks, and they are unique and hard-wearing. They are elegant and exudes sophistication and are here to stay. You can choose from plain or coloured crackle glass splashback to match the traditional or modern ambience.

Patterned Kitchen Splashbacks

While it’s not an all-new design element, but one that has revived itself that you would not want to miss! A patterned kitchen splashback is ideal for those who need to have their stamp on their kitchen interiors. If you want to add a personal touch to your glass kitchen splashback, then explore printed designs to find out how you can bring your imagination to life.

The three above mentioned kitchen splashback styles are the hot favourites right now, and in all likelihood, they are here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Why Should You Consider Kitchen Splashbacks?

Well, kitchen splashbacks have remained, and are still the favourites as they provide many benefits to the homeowners. When you look at kitchen splashbacks, what would be your instant reaction? They are lovely and look elegant, adorning the kitchen space beautifully. That’s right, but what else do they have to offer? The kitchen splashback can provide you with the below-mentioned:

  • Functionality: Protective qualities and low maintenance make kitchen splashback a must-have feature in any kitchen. Selecting the right kitchen splashback will also help you to withstand mess, wear and tear caused due to routine use and intense temperatures.
  • Protection: If you have small children who love to help you in your kitchen chores or cook food, or you’re a passionate cook or use your kitchen area excessively, then in all likelihood, you will need protection to keep the mess and disorder to a bare minimum.
  • Hygiene: All modern kitchen splashbacks designed in a way that is easy to keep clean; thus, it facilitates you to increase your kitchen’s hygiene standards.

The Bottom Line

If you’re among those homeowners who want to revamp their kitchen but have a limited budget, then a coloured kitchen splashback could serve as the right solution!


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