Tips to Follow While Choosing a Roofing Contractor

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One of the biggest challenges homeowners face today is to look for someone who can replace or fix their roof affordably and efficiently. All it takes is one raging storm to upset your life until you find an expert who can take control of the situation. However, does that mean you should hire the first contractor that you find online? The answer is no.

In this article, we have compiled some important tips to make a wise selection that will not only be affordable but also prove to be money well spent!

Ask the Locals

It is always better to ask the locals for references to prevent yourself from being scammed. Local roofing experts who work in your community are already aware of the local rules and compliance regulations that allow them to work efficiently and within the purview of local laws.

Choose Contractors with Manufacturers’ Designations

This is an honorable credential offered to contractors who have fulfilled the minimum criteria to be certified by the manufacturer. These contractors are not only top-of-the-class but also bound to operate in their own local territory.

Check out BBB Ratings

Don’t just believe what contractors say, validate it. Check out the BBB website and run a check on the shortlisted contractors to verify their ratings that are required to retain their certification.

Ask for Extended Warranty

It is not often you will meet a contractor who is willing to offer a manufacturer’s warranty that covers their workmanship as well. This means that if a specialist fails to fix the roof properly, then all the repairs will be borne by the roofing contractor, even if they occur years after their installation.  

Don’t Neglect Safety

Don’t hire a contractor who doesn’t have the safety training. Companies like Lifetime Roofing train their professionals in the highest level of a safety program that makes them capable of doing their job correctly and preventing injuries.

Ask for Licenses and Insurance

A contractor that does not have the license and/or insurance is a complete no-no. All the employees and the contractors in the roofing company should be insured by their employer. They should also have the certification for validating the same. Not being insured or not having enough coverage makes you liable to foot the bill in case of an injury that happens on your property. This is a mandate by most states to have the license to operate. However, that doesn’t discourage unlicensed service from trying their hands at roofing work.


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