Tips and Tricks for Brides in Wedding Prep Mode

Tips For Brides in Wedding

The day of your wedding is something you’ve dreamt about since you were little. It’s thought to be one of the best days of your life and the first day of your future with a partner.

The experience is supposed to, and should, feel nothing short of magic. But the hard work and planning that goes into a wedding is something most couples don’t fully account for.

It’s important to prepare everything ahead of time, whether it’s something as critical as your ceremony setup or as simple as booking a nail and hair appointment the day of. These tips and tricks will help you feel relaxed and prepared on the day of your wedding.

Getting Ready

Wedding day hair and makeup can take a very, very long time, and the last thing you want on your wedding day is to feel rushed. Start getting ready earlier than you would think, that way you have more than enough time to get dolled up to perfection and you won’t feel stressed out or rushed.

You’ll want to book an appointment in advance to have your hair styled professionally and for nail treatments. Typically your hair stylist can come to your house or wherever you plan to get ready for the ceremony so you don’t waste time traveling from the salon to your house or risk messing up a hairstyle you’ve spent hours picking out.

For nails, it’s best to have them done the day before. That way there is little time for them to chip or fade beforehand, plus none of your wedding day should be wasted at a nail salon. Book a nail appointment for you and anyone else in your wedding party weeks in advance so you can each have your own nail technician without any wait time.


One of the biggest regrets amongst brides is not having enough photos from their wedding day. You’ll be taking pictures with your groom, bridesmaids, parents, and anyone else in the wedding party — as well as, all your other friends who come up at the right time during your afterparty.

Make sure to give your photographer a run-down on exactly what you expect from the shoot and give him a heads-up on any special moments you don’t want him to miss. It can also be helpful to give the photographer a list of group combinations you’d like him to get classic wedding photos of.

So for example, telling him you need individual pictures of all the sisters on the bride’s side, all the brothers on the groom’s side, all the grandparents, the parents with the bride and groom, or any other combinations of the wedding party you want to be photographed.

On the day of your wedding, plan few activities and engagements so you have time to do anything that makes you feel good, at the spur of a moment. There’s nothing worse than having a lot of day-of wedding engagements that sound fun prior to the morning of your wedding, but seem overwhelming when the time comes.

Whether it’s spending time with your mom or best friend, going for a jog, meditating, or having a dance party with your bridesmaids, only you can make the perfect morning routine. Spend a few weeks thinking about activities that put you in the best mindset, and try to plan a morning full of them.

There’s a reason that couples start planning their big day months ahead of time. It’s important to decide on the time of year, a food menu, the guest list, a location, and your dress several months in advance. As long as everything is in place on the day of your wedding, your morning can be stress-free and all about getting ready for your special day.


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