How Can I Make My Car Eco- Friendly?

Eco Friendly Car

Your car eco-friendliness are two entirely different things. Given the drastic environmental changes, going green is an idea that is supported by everyone. Whether it is your home or your car, but simply to achieve this goal, you don’t have to replace those huge investments. Nor you should buy a new hybrid or electric car as it is much expensive in itself. However, the good news is, by making certain changes, you can turn your car into an eco-friendly vehicle.

Here are five tested and easy ways that can ensure you go green in your car:

  1. Keep Your Car Well-Maintained:

When you regularly keep your car tuned up, it reduces the emissions and increases its efficiency. Moreover, a well-maintained car uses less gas. This does not only protects the environment from the gases but also saves you gas money.

  1. Ensure the Tires are Inflated:

A very common thing that many car owners forget to check regularly is the tire pressure. If the tires of your car are underinflated, they will not roll efficiently, leaving the engine working hard to keep the car moving. This means, your car will burn more fuel. A fuel economy car is environment-friendly, and when you keep your tires properly inflated, your car will burn less fuel and improves the mileage. If you are not sure what should be the proper pressure for your vehicle’s tires, get help with your mechanic and also ask him to show you how to do the job right. Remember, when your tires are not inflated, you can get into a car accident.

  1. Remove the Excess Weight:

It’s simple, your car uses more fuel if it is heavily loaded with weight. If there is any excess weight, make sure you remove it from your car. That means if you have kept extra stuff in your car, and it stays there everywhere you go, you need to unload the extra weight.

  1. Avoid Topping Off the Tank:

We often forget how toxic gasoline can become. It is highly inflammable and produces toxic fumes and can even seep into the groundwater if spilled. When you are at the gas station to fill up the tank, avoid topping off once the nozzle shuts off. Your tank needs some room to let gasoline expand. Moreover, topping off emits harmful substance in the air and damage the vapor collection system of your car. This negatively affects your car’s performance.

  1. Consider Buying Reusable Air Filters:

Once the air filter of your car gets clogged with dust, dirt or other debris, it prevents the clean air to reach your engine. This produces a rich mixture which affects the efficiency of the engine and makes it slower causing long term damage.

So make sure you replace the clogged air filter to improve your car’s performance and acceleration. In addition to it, it helps you increase the fuel economy of your vehicle by 10 percent. It is even better to buy reusable air filter to reduce waste also it saves you money in the future.

Whether you own a big car or a small one, old or new, you can easily make it environment-friendly vehicle.

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