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As a Mum to 2 smelly, dirty, rough and tumble boys clothes are always on my mind. Kids grow quickly and play rough so finding good quality clothing that will last until they grow out of them is a must!

I have been shopping at Target for kids clothing since Master C was born. I have dabbled in brand name clothing brands and still seem to come back to Target over and over. The quality and price keeps me coming back.

Master C is 4, he is tall (95th percentile) and has a skinny little waist. In a lot of brands it is hard to find elastic adjustable waists in a size 4. Elastic adjustable waists are normally only found in baby in toddler sizes. But Target have elastic adjustable waists in most of their pants above a size 4! Making it easy to pull in Master C’s waist in and having pants long enough to fit his long legs.

Master M is 18 months old and into everything! He gets dirty and wet at daycare, spills food everywhere during meal times so good quality clothing at a reasonable price is really important. Master M is growing really quickly so like with Master C it is important for me to buy clothing that is good quality, hard wearing and easy on my bank account. I use the same essentials t-shirts and shorts they keep up with Master M’s growth and messiness!

A few months ago I was sorting through Master C’s baby clothes, he was reflux baby so almost everything had stains on it that just would not budge. I sat sorting out clothes with no stains to pass onto Master M and tossing clothes with stain or that were too stretched. When I got to the end I found something pretty amazing …… every single piece I kept except for one was a Target piece. I looked at the pile of clothes to toss and many were from cheaper clothing stores, there were lots from a very popular kids clothing store and a handful of expensive brand name pieces. There were only 3 Target items that made the toss pile.

Quality that has proven itself over and over again with my boys. They are not indestructible! I mean nothing is, but they wash and wear better than almost any other brand out there. They are the pieces that hold their shape, don’t fade and will outlast well beyond my children out growing them.

For daycare and everyday wear I prefer to dress my boys in comfy shorts and basic t-shirts. The essentials collections are PERFECT! They are very low cost, plain and high quality so I can mix and match shorts and shirts. They are great quality and wash and wear really well. Even during dirty rough play at daycare they come up new looking after every wash. The essentials are the best value clothing I have found.

Master M is dressed in Boys Essentials Cargo Shorts in Size 1 and Boys Target Essentials T-Shirt in Size 1







Target Essentials is definitely a staple in my boys wardrobes. Great quality, excellent prices and they mix and match with almost anything. Best of all they withstand the mess test!

Some real action shots of my product testers!



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