What Is Project Life?


This is probably our most asked question on Lovely Living I think it deserves a blog post completely of it’s own!

So what exactly is Project Life …. in a few simple words – Project Life is a simple way of memory keeping or scrapbooking! Forget everything you know about scrapbooking, forget cutting things out, using loads of patterned paper, stickers and embellishments. That is the “old” way of memory keeping. Project Life allows you to achieve the same results – a beautiful album filled with journaling, beautiful cards and photos but without the fuss!

Everything you need to know about Project Life can be found on the Becky Higgins website – www.beckyhiggins.com Becky is the creator and Mother of Project Life :)


The Basics Of Project Life ….

Like I said Project Life is no fuss. It consists of a basic kit with journaling cards, page protectors and an album. A page protector is a plastic sheet you slide photos and journaling cards into.

The basic Project Life layout consists of a page protector that has 2 landscape photo spaces at the top, 4 journaling card spaces in the centre and 2 more landscape photo spaces underneath – see image below.

There are many other page protectors with different layouts, however this is the original one and most commonly used.

There are 4 kits available – Amber (2010 edition), Turquoise (2010 edition), Clementine (2011 edition) and Cobalt (2011 edition).

The basic kit looks like this -

All other products are sold separately so you can choose exactly what you want to include in your album – Click Here to view the entire Project Life product range


What do I need to get started?

I did a post a few months ago that shows you what you need to get started – Click Here


Do I need to take a photo everyday?

No, this is the best part about Project Life! You can use the album however you like! A lot of people choose to use it as a 365 album where you take one photo everyday and others choose to fill it with photos whenever they like.

Personally I use it like I would a normal scrapbook, sometimes I can not put a photo in for days or a week and other times one day or even can take up a whole page or multiple pages!


Where can I purchase Project Life?

The only place to purchase Project Life for delivery to Australia is through www.crafthouse.co.nz


Where can I see more about Project Life?

Here are a few fabulous videos about Project Life!

These videos are from the creator of Project Life and are very inspiring


These videos are from the fabulous Super Organiser Mum (I think she is the godmother of Project Life … or at the very least the favourite Aunt!)


I hope this helps you to understand the wonderful world of Project Life!


**** Added ****

How many kits should I buy?

That is completely up to you it depends on how you want to do your album. Do you want one album for the entire family? One album for each child? Or both?

Both Jade and I do the same – we have one album for each child and one family album. The children’s albums are specific for that child and focused on them. The family album is an overview of the entire family. For this we require one kit per child and one kit for our family.

Where do you print photos?

The best and cheapest way to print photos is at a photo lab. Big W offers a fabulous photo lab with great quality photos, they also acept online orders. You can also order from Snapfish online or Camera House in more large shopping centres. There are many professional printing options these are only a few.

Printing from home is generally expensive, the purchase of a good quality printer, the cost of inks and paper work out to be twice and sometimes 3 times more expensive than a photo lab. However it is a more convenient option. Also in general home printed photos do not have the same life span as professionally printed photos. Professionally printed photos are tested to last at the same vibrancy for 100+ years if cared for correctly. At home printing can start to deteriorate after 20-30 years even if stored correctly.


Jen xx

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