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New Year, means a new slate! For many, including me that means organising! One of my biggest goals for 2013 is to be more organised in all areas of my life. Over the past few years I have slowly improved on my organisation, but there is still much more room for improvement!

I love reading organising blogs, both Australian and overseas. I also love organising inspiration on Pinterest

The biggest light bulb moment for me when it comes to organising is to find a solution, rather than changing a habit. I spent too long trying to fight my natural habits and those of my husband. I kept trying to do what I thought was the “perfect” thing to do and do what others were doing, rather than trying to work with my families lifestyle.

The truth is, most of us live in real homes. Not perfect show homes. In an ideal world I would love everything hidden behind a cupboard door perfectly organised or a playroom where my children played with one toy at a time before putting it back and selecting a new one. But that will never be my reality and I actually don’t want it to be either. I want to live in our home, to be able to move around and play in our home the way that suits us. So over time I am learning to work with our habits and processes, rather than fighting them.

Our family room / playroom is the centre of our home, we spend a lot of time in this room with the kids. It is where they play, watch TV and where we gather after bath time or in the mornings to get dressed. It used to drive me crazy having clothes left on the floor. I kept yelling at hubby to put the clothes in the laundry and it would never happen. So rather than fight the habit, I found a solution! That solution was a basket in the playroom for clothes. I remember asking some friends about it and they all got shocked and turned their noses up at the idea “how many people do you see with laundry baskets in their living room?” …. truthfully! None! But why not? Baskets aren’t unsightly, especially this beautiful basket from Target.


The best part is, it works! The clothes are all in one place in the playroom, it makes the room look neater and we are all happy! No more arguing and trying to change the habit, I found a way to work with it.

The same happened with my make up. For so long I tried to keep it all in the bathroom drawer out of sight, because everyone is so focused on clean, clear spaces in their home. Every morning I would leave things out. Mostly out of laziness, but I am busy so I use things quickly, drop and run! After trying for so long to fight the habits, I decided to work with it and find a solution.

Ahh yes, baskets again! This tray is from Target a few years ago, it’s still doing an amazing job. I have all my make up displayed so it’s easy to grab, use and put back. It’s neat and tidy and it means no more mess on the bench. It’s not clean and clear space like a perfectly organised house, but it works for me. I also added this cute new basket to keep my skincare things, it’s part of a set of 4 baskets from Target with the one in the last image.{ Provence Set of 4 Willow Baskets } It hides my goodies nicely, but keeps them easily accessible.




The kitchen table is always a problem area and it’s one I hear so many people complain about! The junk that accumulates on the table is incredible. Some days I have had so much on my table that I have had to move it to one end or even to the floor just so I set the table for dinner! I remember seeing a tip on an organising blog about keeping a basket at the end of the table to put things in that build up, once it’s full you empty the basket and put everything away. I did this a year ago and it worked wonders, for some reason I stopped, maybe we had a dinner party and I put the basket away and it never came back out? But I have decided to do it again, I am just loving this gorgeous oval basket. It’s deep enough to hide all of my sins and looks beautiful. { Provence Large Round Basket }




Lastly, the bedroom! How many people end up with toys and books in their room everyday when kids come in to snuggle in bed or play? It’s amazing how many toys and things can accumulate, they end up spread everywhere. Having a basket in your room to “throw” things in is a great way to contain the mess. Every few days take it out and put things away.

How gorgeous is this spotty fabric basket!!! On sale at the moment for $8!


Baskets are a staple in my house, I just love them. They hide a multitude of sins and look beautiful at the same time. They are such a simple and inexpensive way of getting organised.

So my biggest organising tip for you is not to fight the habit, if it’s too hard to change and it’s causing your too much stress just go with it. Find a solution that will work with that habit. Stop expecting it to look perfect or look like everyone elses solution. Your family has a different routine and you need to tailor it to suit your life.

Jen xx


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