A little goodbye



This is probably the hardest thing I have ever had to write. It has been on my mind for weeks and I have been slowly realising the direction I need to go.

When I first started Lovely Living I was fulfilling a dream I had for a long time. A dream that formed so clearly in my mind every single step in the creation of it was so easy. No decisions, I just knew. I knew exactly what the logo would look like, the site layout and exactly the content I would fill it with. I could see the path so clearly like I had paved it myself.

As time has gone on I have had hurdles to overcome and huge successes I never imagined. But over the past 2 years my path has become blurred. I have been heading down a path that felt so familiar to me at the beginning, so right. But as time went by the path became foreign, strange and scary. Like someone had dropped me in a foreign country where I didn’t speak the language and without a map. I tried my best to navigate it, I tried so hard but I just kept finding myself in a dark alley feeling alone and lost.

The thing I love about life is there are no mistakes, only lessons. We learn something each time we hit a bump and grow. Sometimes it takes a couple of bumps to grow, but ultimately we do learn and evolve.

3 years ago Lovely Living was crystal clear. It was my future and it was something I hit the ground running with. But now, 3 years later my life has changed. I have 2 beautiful children, a home of my own to care for and I have started studying something I love. I have found a new passion in design and over the past 6 months have seen my love for this site be replaced by a love for creating. Where I should have been moving my site forward, I found myself pouring hours upon hours into designing printables or teaching myself new things on Photoshop.

The past few weeks have been a real eye opener. I have spent my days nesting and studying. I have filled my time with making good wholesome meals for my boys and learning things every day, submersing myself into my study …… and I have loved every single second of it.

I took the pressure off. I let the day take me where it wants to. The boys and I wake without an alarm clock, I drop them at daycare and spend my day studying something I love, cooking and cleaning. I feel like a Mumma Bear, nesting for her cubs. I still have my study to keep my busy but I am taking it slowly and not trying to fit 80 hours of work into a week. I am taking the days 1 at a time and my stress is gone.

I have been trying to find my feet with Lovely Living. Trying to find a way to move it forward, to generate income without selling my soul. The more I have travelled this blogger path the more I realise that the only way to make it in this game is to do it as a hobby or sell your soul to anyone willing to pay.

I never liked sponsored posts, even though everything I ever wrote was 100% true it always felt odd. I didn’t want to have to subject everyone to sponsored posts every few days to make a living, I didn’t want to have to sell my soul to PR companies and do reviews on products and write paid editorial.

I wanted to be able to post things I love, make printables and give my readers what they wanted. I wanted to fill my site with good things, not just ads. I didn’t want to sell my soul to make Lovely Living profitable. But it seems the only way to make money in this industry is to do exactly that. Write stories about amazing cream filled biscuits or a new kitchen spray. Sure you may love them, but being a walking billboard is hard and uncomfortable. Promoting businesses to loyal readers to make some money feels dirty. At least for me it did.

So I guess what I am trying to say is that as of today Lovely Living is closed. I don’t know what the future holds for this site, I may sell it one day but for now I want to just let it sit and breathe. I want to wait a year and see how I feel before I make any permanent decisions. I know that I will not be back running this site myself in the future. It is time for me to move on.

But it is time for my to hang up my hat, post my very last post and say thank you.

Thank you to all the amazing readers who supported me, who loved me, who gave me strength when I needed it. Thank you to all the haters for fuelling my drive, for pushing me to keep going.

Life is a journey, this one has been amazing. I have had amazing opportunities and experiences. I have met amazing people and have friends so near and dear to me that came from this website.

For now I am seeing where life takes me. I am going to keep studying my design course and hope to be doing some freelance design in the near future. I will keep making printables but I am not sure what I will do with them yet. I guess I will just let my path take me and enjoy the journey.

I am sure there will be many people who will have an opinion about this post, but I actually don’t care anymore :) I am moving on the greener pastures and finally am learning to let go of the people who don’t care about me and focus on my amazing life away from this computer screen.


Thank you xxx


P.S. The Thermomix raffle will be drawn later this week and the winner will be given the cash to put towards anything they like :) I will notify the person by email and post the winners details on here.


What happened to Facebook?


Lovely Living no longer has a Facebook account!

For so long Lovely Living has relied on Facebook and Instagram to connect with our readers. We have decided to go a different route, against the grain and boycott social media. The website will still run as always with exciting new content planned and uploaded daily.

We want our readers to come and feel safe on our website and we want to escape the trap that is social media. It seems our lives are consumed by Facebook and we can’t escape it. So Lovely Living has decided to make a change!

Our editor has removed her personal account and is embarking on a “no social media respite” for the next 6 months +

Life and Lovely Living has been complicated so much by Facebook and other social media, we want to make it simple again. Get back to the focusing on our readers and the people who want to invest time here.

So welcome to our social media free space.

Lovely Living Team


A big welcome to the ladies from GOMI! Thanks for stopping by :) It’s lovely to have you here <3


Target Mid Season Sale


Who doesn’t love a sale??? In recent years we have all become weary of sales and unimpressed by small sales of 5-10% off. So I am super excited about the Target Season Year sale.

The Mid Year Sale has 30% off knitwear and fleece for the entire family, 40% off Bonds underwear and socks, 30% off Moda Clothing for us curvy girls, 30% off kids track pants and denim and more!

What excited me the most?? 20-40% off BOOTS!!! I love boots, seriously who doesn’t? I spend most of summer in sandals and thongs, I love it when the weather cools down and we get to wear boots!

I decided to splurge a little and buy myself a pair of boots to go out in, a comfy casual pair and some new gumboots.

I spend a lot of time outside and as Queenslanders know, we get lots of rain! So gumboots are almost my daily “at home” uniform. I had a great pair of black gumboots I bought from Target last year, but after a lot of love they really need an upgrade.



{Houndstooth Printed Gumboots – Pink }


I saw these pink houndstooth boots and instantly feel in love! Pink + Houndstooth = Heaven! Hubby did laugh though and asked “Are you honestly going to buy those?” lol I am sure he will hide inside while I am mowing the lawn on the ride on in my gorgeous new boots!





Last night (Saturday) I went to the theatre for the first time in a long time and decided to buy some boots with heels. I never wear heels so I decided to stick to a wedge, I found these amazing black wedges and fell in love instantly. I wore them for a total of 7 hours, walking around Brisbane’s Southbank and they were amazingly comfortable. I didn’t have to take them off once (ok once, but they were hard to drive in, not because they hurt!).




{ Minnow Wedge Ankle Boot }

These gorgeous boots are just because I love them, they will be perfect casual boots for the weekend or going to dinner with the family.




{ Hot Options Norton Long Flat Boots }

I am heading back into Target on Tuesday or Wednesday to layby some winter clothes for my boys and I. It’s not cold enough here yet, but 30% off is too good to miss out on!




This post is sponsored by Target

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