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The Dangers of Baby Oil and Products Containing Mineral Oil.

Fear not, I am not an alarmist. Which is why I am not about to recommend that everyone leave the computer this instant and race around the house like a crazy person and throw everything that contains mineral oil in the bin! My aim of this post is to empower you guys with a little bit of knowledge! After all knowledge is power!



Green Gift Ideas

Everyone is going GREEN! And why not? We all need to do our part to make a change. So, do your bit by giving GREEN gifts. They’re not only are good for you and the gift recipient, but they are good for the planet too.

Dirty List - Foods With The Highest Chemical Level

Washing your produce will remove only a small negligible amount of the chemicals and pesticides used when growing fruit and vegetables. Washing your produce is recommended to remove bacteria from handling the fruit and no amount of soaking and washing can remove the harmful chemicals in your food.