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Fun Ideas for Learning Letters


In the lead up to school my daughter did a reading course which focused on Phonics.

This was a great stepping stone for her, to identify that the alphabet has sounds.

The only problem for us was that we were so focused on sounds we didn’t really focus on anything else.

But when we are older and we tell someone how to spell something we don’t sound it out, we spell it out using the ‘names’ of the letters.

My daughter needed to learn the names of the letters.  She was staring blankly at flash cards and having a guess.

But there is so much you can do to help your children learn the names of letters in the alphabet.

Below I’ve listed 5 great ideas for learning about letters:

You can visit this site for a print out for every letter of the alphabet.  This activity is perfect for familiarising your child with the letter as well as how to write it.

Shaving cream provides a great ‘touchy feeling’ option for familiarising your child with letters.  They can try drawing them in the shaving cream, copying a sheet you’ve already written out or if they’re past it try randomly calling letters out for them to draw.

This is a brilliant idea for people on the go, or perhaps just entertainment in the car. You can call out random letters and they need to find it on the plate/wheel and fold it down once selected.

Of course the options are endless as far as the types of games you could play.  Eye spy anyone?

Using megabloks and stickers make ‘alphabet blocks’.  The learning opportunities here are endless.  You could ask them to stick them together in order and then recite them to you, or alternatively you could randomly select letters and ask them to connect them together.  As they advance in their learning you could ask them to spell words.

This is a great way to teach them to match lower case with upper case.  You can also ask them to put them in order too.


The most common thing amongst all these ideas is repetition.  That is the key to learning. Oh and of course it’s all about keeping it FUN.

Have you got any great tips you’d like to share?




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A pathological photo taker, she captures the day to day events of her family and shares her families stories, along with tips and advice on organizing, crafting and fun with kids at

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