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Growing by 2 Feet





Hello Lovely Living Friends!

You may remember me from a few months ago in August when I was Guest Admin for Jen. At the time I didn’t quite realise it, but soon after it became clear that we would be adding another two feet to our home.

I am now just over 18 weeks pregnant with our second child, due in April 2013 :D   I have the big scan next Friday, where we will find out if this little one has a healthy heart or otherwise. Of course we’re voting for healthy! So far all is going well, even though I suffered alot of sickness in the first trimester, and now it’s the exciting time when I am starting to feel Bub move inside!

My 17 weeks, 3 days pregnant belly

I hope to be able to keep you up to date with the important events as they happen :)

I’d also really like to thank Jen for her announcement today that a portion of funds received from her printables will be going to HeartKids Australia. She knows the way to this Mummy’s heart!

Carolyn & Squishy



I’ll be returning soon :)





Hello Everyone!

I hope you’re all well out there, and if you’re in Australia, enjoying the warmer weather. I really enjoyed my Guest spot on Lovely Living, and still have some Blog Posts I haven’t completed yet, on my Hubby’s very yummy Butter Chicken – which I’d love for him to make again soon, and also the Sleepwise Program I’ve been undertaking for Aiden. Life has been getting busy, my Hubby has just changed jobs, and we managed to have a lovely time going to the Sunshine Coast for a few days during the School Holidays.

Aiden Beach

Aiden enjoying the beach

Aiden’s back at Kindy and Day Care next week and in between appointments and finally meeting Jen – woo hoo! – I will start getting those Blog Posts ready for you :)

Have a fantastic weekend!




Working in an Office



When I was little I thought I’d grow up to be a writer and support myself financially (somehow at five years old I knew that writing was not a financially stable profession) as a teacher. I even did a couple of semesters of a teaching degree before life got in the way. But one thing I knew is that there was NO.WAY. I would ever work in an office. I could think of nothing more depressing.

Fast forward a few years and it turns out that administration is kind of my ‘thing’. And it turns out that I really love working in an office.  I love wearing pencil skirts and cute shoes and click-clacking away on a computer while a deadline looms. But as much as I love my job (and the FANTASTIC people I work with) I do admit there are some things about working in office that aren’t so cool.

So I present to you, without bias, the five best and worst things about working in an office.

Let’s start with the worst things.

  • Papercuts. And cardboard cuts. And papercuts over old papercuts. And stabbing your finger on a staple. Ouch!
  • Grey. And not the sexy fifty-shades kind. Just the bland eleven-shades kind. Carpets, ceilings, door frames, desks, bookcases etc
  • Dad jokes. Well, I think it’s meant to be inoffensive humour. But when catering arrives for a meeting and the seventeenth person says “you can just drop that off at my desk, hahaha” or on Monday the fifteenth person says “only 412 hours til the weekend, hahaha” Welllllll, it gets irritating
  • Commercial radio. Bland enough that no-one gets offended. But somewhere, good taste crawls off and dies.
  • Queues for coffee. Everyone gets the same idea around the same time. Not fun.

But on the up side….

  • You know all the memes, cartoons, email jokes and celebrity gossip before they hit facebook.
  • You always find out about the newest and best sites for online shopping.
  • There’s always someone around to buy your fundraising chocolates/raffletickets/sponsor your child in Readathon. In addition, there’s always cheap chocolate available within a few dozen metres.
  • You can satisfy your stationery obsession. For free. Of course I need one of each colour of highlighter.  And post-it notes in every size. Mine, Mine, MINE!!
  • Getting to dress up without feeling a bit weird. Permission to wear heels granted. Yes to red lippy. Blazers ahoy!


Do you work in an office? What do you enjoy or dislike about it? 

Laura xx



Sleepwise Program Information

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I have recently started taking part in a Sleepwise Program for Aiden, through our local branch of Disability Services. So far I have attended the first session, filled out the Sleep Diary for two weeks and had a follow up appointment. Next week  I will attend Workshop 2 on Sleep Disturbance, including the causes, prevalence, types of sleep disturbances and then the preparation for starting a sleep plan.

I have typed out some information on sleep, taken from the Workshop booklet by Annie O’Connell. Please note this is general information, and I recommend consulting your health care professional for specific advice for your child.


All notes and information taken from The Sleepwise Approach to sleep disturbance in young children with developmental delay, Workshop 1: Sleep, by Annie O’Connell, Senior Occupational Therapist. Further reading on Sleep Disturbance, including a case study can be found here.

We all know sleep is important to help us grow, and stay healthy. Adequate sleep is required for learning, coping with everyday tasks and emotional wellbeing.

The amount of sleep required:

Newborns (0 to 2 months)

  • Sleep 16 – 20 hours per 24 hours
  • Takes 8 – 10 weeks to develop clear day/night sleep rhythm
  • Most take 30 mins to an hour to settle
  • Wake 0 – 6 times a night

Infants (2 to 12 months)

  • Sleep 9 – 12 hours plus daytime naps 2 – 4.5 hours
  • May experience separation anxiety from about 6 months of age
  • Wake 4 – 6 times a night
  • By one year most infants require more than 30 minutes of parents attention to settle

Toddlers (1 – 3 years)

  • Sleep 12 – 13 hours plus 1 – 2 daytime naps
  • 1 nap around 18 months old

Preschoolers (3 – 5 years)

  • Sleep 10 – 13 hours
  • No naps
  • Need consistent bedtime and daytime routine to set the sleep-wake cycle
  • Common ‘second wind’ leads to bedtime resistance

Sleep Cycles

  • NREM: Non Rapid Eye Movement, which includes growing and healing, and has four stages from light to deep sleep.
  • REM: Rapid Eye Movement, where dreams occur and the day’s events are organized and stored as memory.
  • Each cycle of NREM and REM lasts between 50 – 60 minutes in infants and toddlers. It’s normal for children to wake up after a dream, move and change position.

The Sleep-Wake rhythm corresponds with cues to help a child sleep more at night. The cues include:

  • Light – sunlight or bright artificial light
  • Meal times, bath time, book reading, quiet play time
  • Sensory cues such as external temperature, noise levels, hunger and body temperature

Factors influencing children’s sleep patterns

  • Temperament, sensory threshold, ‘owl’ or ‘lark’ sleeper (early or late bed times), medical concerns, delays in development, stressful life events.

Factors relating to the environment

  • Noise, lighting,ventilation, temperature, type of bed and bedding, sleeping arrangement.

    Factors relating to the family

    • Health issues, work styles, family composition, lifestyle issues, co-sleeping, night feeding, comfort objects.

    Positive Sleep Practices

    • Set regular bed time and wake up times, with consistency on weekdays and weekends
    • Establish a predictable and consistent bedtime routine with calm activities, with the last part in bed
    • Keep the hour before bedtime relaxing
    • Avoid large meals close to bedtime
    • Provide a comfortable bed ‘nest’, right temperature, reduced noise and light levels.
    • Aim for the child to fall asleep by themselves in bed
    • Daytime naps according to age and needs


    The main points I found useful:

  • Needing a consistent bed time and day time routine
  • The need for quality sleep for growing and healing
  • Creating the best environment to promote a good night’s sleep

~ Carolyn



My Simple Chicken Stroganoff Recipe





I really like cooking meals in big batches so I don’t have to cook every night. My mother gave me a 6 L slow cooker a few years ago, which gets used quite frequently. Jen has a great Stroganoff recipe, but I thought I would publish my very simple recipe here.

Ingredients for Chicken Stroganoff

Tinned mushrooms in butter sauce
Condensed tomato soup
Fresh mushrooms
Sweet paprika (taken from Jen’s recipe)
Beef Stroganoff packet mix
Sour cream

Wet and dry ingredients mixed together, then added mushrooms

First I put tinned mushrooms, tomato soup, sweet paprika and the packet mixes in the pot and mixed them all around. Then I chopped up the mushrooms, put them in and mixed together.

Chopped up chicken and mixed in

Next I chopped up the chicken – all 10 pieces – and mixed it up in the pot.

Onion and Garlic added

I then chopped up and added the onions, and two heaped teaspoons of minced garlic. I then let it cook on high for about 4 hours.

All cooked and ready to be eaten

I added the sour cream and left the lid off while I cooked the rice in my Tupperware microwave cooker.

Chicken Stroganoff with rice, ready to be eaten

I would say it’s the best Stroganoff I’ve made, and I really think adding the Sweet Paprika made such a difference. I’ve got a container of this in the freezer, ready to be thawed for dinner tonight ~ Carolyn :)



Introducing Carolyn – Guest Admin and Blogger



Hello everyone, I’m in my mid 30’s and have been married to David for 9 years. We went to the same school for a few years but never spoke to each other. I moved away with my family to the Sunshine Coast, where I finished high school and went to university for a year. I transferred to Brisbane for university when my parents and younger siblings moved up to Hervey Bay. David and I were in the same group of friends, and after a few years and other things happening in between, we started going out. We’ve never looked back since then.

David and myself

We rented a unit together for the first year of our marriage, then when the unit was being sold, we delved into the property market ourselves and bought our first home. It was not in my ideal location but was the best option as we both had to travel in opposite directions for work. We are still in our home and have made improvements on it and put our ‘stamp’ on it over the years.

The unit block of our first home together

Five years ago I became pregnant with our first child. Little did we know how much our lives would change from then on. During the pregnancy our baby was diagnosed with a heart condition, which left us shattered. We found out as much information as we could about the condition, then I made a deal with myself to enjoy the rest of my pregnancy and not worry about the things I couldn’t control. There were hiccups along the way, but we dealt with them as best we could.

30 Weeks Pregnant

David and I welcomed our son Aiden into the world in early 2008, and over the year were faced with long hospitalisations including numerous surgeries, complications, and the extra health issues surrounding them. We were in hospital again in 2009 including a bout of the Swine Flu, which is bad for a heart patient to have, and in 2010 for his final surgery.

Aiden two days old in Intensive Care Nursery

During our son’s recovery from surgery I was cleaning up the house and looked at my craft supplies. I had a thought “I wonder if I should make cards to sell” so started my Facebook page Created By Caz. When I had some free time I would make some cards and hope they would sell. About a month later I decided to join Stampin’ Up! as a Demonstrator so I could buy the products at a discount and have a hobby. I wasn’t sure how long I would keep it up for, but two years on I’m still doing it and have a few customers and recruits now. The good thing is, I am able to work it around my family life.

I love making these flowers

Now that Aiden’s in good health and going to a special kindy and in Family Day Care, I have a few days a week spare that I can go to the gym and start looking after myself.

The cheeky monkey himself

So that’s where I am at now :) I really appreciate the golden opportunity to be Guest Admin and Blogger for this week for Lovely Living. I hope you’ve enjoyed my page posts and blog posts :)




Ten of my Favourite Things





Here’s a list of ten of my favourite things, in no particular order. Enjoy reading it, Carolyn :)

1 Operation Christmas Child

2 Contigo water bottle

3 Beenleigh Tiles

4 koochie koo

5 Heart Candy

6 Aldi Expressi Coffee Machine

7 Ikea

8 Give Aways

9 Fun things to do with kids

10 Doing something new and exciting


{Favourite Thing #1}
I love giving gifts, especially to those who don’t expect it. Operation Christmas Child organises the distribution of boxes filled with toys to children in needy countries. The power of a simple gift means so much to these children. This would be great for you to do with your children and talk to them about giving to another child their age in a different country. To find out how to get involved, check out the Facebook page.

{Favourite Thing #2}
It’s important to keep hydrated during the day, and my Contigo water bottle is great! It’s BPA free and non spill. We also have the Thermal and kids bottles. They are available to purchase in Australia from Everten Online


Contigo Water Bottle


{Favourite Thing # 3}
I’ve just been dealing with a Toilet Training boy, and so far the floor is winning :( Therefore, the next item on the favourite things list is being improvised. I love our tiles and wooden laminate flooring from  Beenleigh Tiles. After searching through many tile stores on Brisbane’s south side, I finally found our tiles here. They are cream with a sandstone pattern in them and are slightly textured so they’re not slippery when wet. When we were looking for wood laminate flooring we just went straight back without looking anywhere else



{Favourite Thing #4}
I love personalised décor for kids. I have a real soft spot for koochie koo and absolutely love their work. Sarah and Kerry are lovely ladies with kind hearts who have also made memory quilts for some special families.

Aiden’s items from koochie koo

 {Favourite Thing #5}
I don’t have a little girl of my own, but at least I’m still a little girl at heart, and have some gorgeous little girls that I am “Aunty” to. Jessie at Heart Candy makes the most gorgeous artwork for little girls rooms, and I have been known to buy prints from her for gifts. I need to frame my latest set and hang it up beside my craft desk.

Secret Garden Set

{Favourite Thing #6}
My Aldi Expressi Coffee Machine! It’s great, and works just the same way as the Nespresso. My favourites are Chai Latte (which is unavailable at the moment), Hot Chocolate, and Florenzi and Valletta coffees.
* Coffee Machine $79
* Milk Frother $24.99
* 16 Pods in box for $5.99 – All coffees, Hot Choc, Decaf, Chai Latte when it was available.
* Map pods are a different brand but fit in this machine, available from Harvey Norman, Officeworks and Target. Approx $7.50 for pack of 10 from Harvey Norman.
* These pods don’t fit Nespresso machines.
* Storage containers from Ikea.

Expressi Machine and Pods

{Favourite Thing #7}
Ikea (Of course!) I love Ikea and we have something in just about every room of the house from Ikea. I was even one of the very lucky competition winners of the Ikea Sleepover in March 2011. They’ve just released a limited edition IKEA PS 2012 Collection. If you live close enough, you should check it out!

Lauren and myself at the Ikea Sleepover, March 2011

{Favourite Thing #8}
Give Aways – *If* I can find some Chai Latte pods at an Aldi that always seems to have enough stock, who would like to be the lucky recipient of a pack? Send me an email to if you would like to take part. All runners up can choose a card from my Card Stash at Created By Caz.

{Favourite Thing #9}
Fun things to do with kids – A Little Bird and Brisbane Kids have great information on things on in Brisbane. We’ve recently discovered New Farm Park has a fantastic kids playground.


Kids playground at New Farm Park

{Favourite Thing #10}
Doing something new and exciting – we bought our first compact digital SLR-style camera secondhand on eBay. We’ve made the step up from the standard point and shoot, now we have to learn how to use it before buying a proper digital SLR camera.

Fuji Finepix S5700



Looking After Myself


After having my fair share of hurdles with Aiden requiring a lot of care and attention, looking after myself took a back seat. Now that he is in good health and attending his special Kindy and Family Day Care, it was time to start looking after myself. Here are some of the things that keep me sane and happy :)

Stampin’ Up!

I found out about Stampin’ Up!, a craft company, during 2008 and my friend Joanna invited me to a workshop just after our 2 month stint in hospital at the end of 2008. I really liked the products and how well they coordinate. I bought a few things here and there but didn’t really get into it until May 2010. During Aiden’s recovery I was thinking about my craft and wondering if I should try to sell my cards. I set up a Facebook page Created By Caz and also joined Stampin’ Up! as a Demonstrator. I really enjoyed having a hobby that I could do when Aiden was asleep, or any spare time I had.

Since then I’ve made a few hundred cards and held a few workshops. If you like paper crafting too, I’d appreciate you liking my page, and let me know if you’d like to know any more information about Stampin’ Up! products.

One of my cards

Craft Space

I love having my own space for my craft. We did some renovations two years ago, and made a study nook in an area between the lounge room and kitchen. It’s also the ‘command station’ of the house and it doesn’t take long for mail, paperwork, toys, and general things to get piled up on the desk. But I cleaned it all off for the photo :)


My Craft Space


Considering my desk is out in the open, I’m always trying to keep it tidy and make all my supplies more streamlined. I managed to pick up this old baby change table for free, and even though it was dirty, it has a good sturdy frame. It’s now my new craft storage shelving and sits nicely next to my buffet cabinet. I picked up the boxes on the bottom shelf for only $1 each from Big W in the CD storage section!

Change Table Before


Change Table After


After I had Aiden I didn’t lose much of the baby weight, and had no time to exercise. With my husband’s encouragement I joined a local gym the day before Valentine’s Day this year, so my present was cupcakes made by my lovely friend Debby, and the gym membership. They go hand in hand, right? I had a weights program put together for me and I started doing some classes. I now have a good program of Step class, Cardio on the cross trainer, bike and treadmill, and Weights either in the program or in Pump class. I love it that they have free child minding, and the classes are no extra cost!

Valentine’s Day cupcakes, and my gym membership

I haven’t seen much of a visible improvement in my appearance, or weight on the scales, but I am fitter, healthier and happier. When I am on the Cardio equipment it is my happy time. It’s only just me and my music, with no distractions like family and housework that I have to worry about. I have been challenging myself to go faster, go on a higher level, and interval work. I have time to think, plan ahead, check emails and Facebook for the morning.


On the Cross Trainer


I hadn’t been putting much effort into my appearance, but have been starting to make more of an effort. It’s amazing how I can build my self esteem with mascara, lip gloss and my favourite red shoes. I love it when I have time to straighten my hair as well! After seeing Jen’s post about finding an outfit for her photo shoot, I went and bought some new shirts from Myer and Target that were all on sale, which flatters my figure. I get very dry skin in Winter, and I’ve tried different creams, but I found sorbolene cream works best on my hands.

My pretty things


I have curves – but they are in my spine!  I had a fall at Ice Skating quite a few years ago now, and although I received physiotherapy at the time, I suffered knee and hip problems afterwards. I went to a Chiropractor in the year before I had Aiden and didn’t have any back troubles in pregnancy. I started going to a different Chiropractor this year, and am now feeling so much better and not suffering as much pain and discomfort. I highly recommend seeing a Chiropractor for better health!

I’d like to encourage each and every one of you to take time out to look after yourself, in the best way that works for you ~ Carolyn



This is Who I Am





I am a Queenslander.

I am a Christian.

I am on the good side of mid 30’s.

I am a daughter, grand daughter, niece, sister, aunty, cousin, wife.

I am a home owner.

I am a pet owner.

I am a paper crafter.

I am a mother. But not just any mother. I am a Heart Mum.


This is my journey as a Heart Mum.

Dave and I were married in July 2003, and wanted to set ourselves up well enough before having children. We bought our first home, made some improvements to the house and gave our dog Sasha a new home. We started seriously talking about having a baby after our friends had their first child in October 2006. In May 2007 I became pregnant, and the first half of my pregnancy went pretty well.

 Our Wedding Day

                                                      Our Wedding Day

Dave took Friday afternoon off and we went to the 19 week scan together, with the thought ‘everything will be fine’, and we hadn’t yet decided if we would find out the sex. During the scan we were told there was something wrong with Bub’s heart, and the Doctor tried to figure out the problem. By then Dave and I had burst into tears. We decided we would find out the sex of the baby, but it was inconclusive. We received the report, and were also referred to the Cardiologist. We went home in tears and got into bed and cried and prayed. We spent the weekend in shock and not really knowing what to do next.

We saw the Cardiologist about a week later at the Royal Brisbane Hospital where we had more of a diagnosis, but he wanted to scan me next time at the Mater Hospital. A few weeks later I had the scan at the Mater, and the diagnosis was Tetralogy of Fallot – in simpler terms means a hole in the heart, a faulty valve, aorta in a different position and thickening of the muscle around the faulty valve area. At this scan I found out we were having a boy.

During the process, we found out as much information as we could about the heart condition, and prepare ourselves mentally for the long haul ahead. It was during this time I made a deal with myself to enjoy the rest of my pregnancy, so I did.

In the last two months or so of pregnancy I suffered bad swelling, and also a rash which I thought was severe heat rash as it was over summer, but it was a pregnancy rash called Puppps (Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy). At my last Obstetrician appointment my blood pressure was up and together with the blood test it showed signs of pre eclampsia. Considering I had to be induced that night, any ideas of a birth plan went out the window. I just knew I had to go with what was best for myself and the baby. The following day after about 12 hours of induced labour the baby wasn’t progressing, so I had to have a caesarian, and welcomed our son Aiden into the world in February 2008.

During his first two months we spent all that time in hospital bar two weeks. His first open heart surgery was at 17 days old, then three days later he developed a wound infection. The rest of the time in hospital involved very strong IV antibiotics, daily wound dressing, and being rushed back into Theatre to clean the wound when it wasn’t healing and he took a turn for the worst. We had a very sick little boy, so it was so exciting for us when he smiled for the first time during his recovery.


Cuddles three days after surgery, when the infection appeared


One of his first proper smiles

Over the next few months he wasn’t thriving, and we could tell there were a few things not right with him. We saw many therapists – physiotherapist, occupational therapist, dietician, speech therapist for feeding difficulties, and his Cardiologist. We were explaining his symptoms, but no one could figure it out.

We found out the answer at the time of his next surgery at eight months old. He still had an infection around his heart and sternum which may have been from the original infection. The surgeons were surprised we kept him alive, and said some adults don’t recover from an infection like this. They were unable to go through with the planned surgery and during the next two months he was on very strong IV antibiotics, and had two more heart surgeries.

The following year 2009 was a big one for us. Aiden started the year by sleeping on his tummy, sleeping through the night, pushing up on his arms, sitting up by himself, and during the year crawling, pulling up to stand, and finally started taking his first few steps just before Christmas. It was the best Christmas present I could have asked for. Also that year, to help in planning his final surgery for a complete repair, he had a catheter procedure done.


The first time he stood by himself without holding on to something – October 2009

The final surgery was booked and cancelled three times before he had his heart repaired in March 2010, a month after his second birthday. The 1.5 cm hole in his heart was patched up, and he had a new valve inserted, and they also managed to keep his original valve but widened it. Thankfully this was a short hospital stay of just under two weeks, with no signs of infection.

The follow up to Aiden’s surgery was in February 2011, around the time of his third birthday. Our Cardiologist was looking at the heart scan and commented on how good the new valve looked. He said it’s the best valve he’s seen our surgeon do. It was at that moment it all came together for me. On our way home I was crying and finally felt complete as a mother.

Through all of his health issues, Aiden was diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay, and we’ve been though many, many hours of therapies at the hospital during 2008 to 2011. He now attends the Early Childhood Developmental Program which is a special Kindy, has Speech Therapy for his speech delay, and we’ve just linked in with Disability Services for more therapy. We’re now in the process of trying to figure out what to do for Prep next year.

Over the last five years I’ve learnt there are so many things in life you cannot change. You cannot change the fact your child has not formed properly in the womb, even if it’s from a genetic condition, medical condition a Mum may have suffered in pregnancy, or just something that has no explanation. You have no control over these things. But you can control the way you handle situations, with your mindset and attitude.

Even after hearing the devastating news of our child having a heart condition, I really enjoyed the rest of my pregnancy. I also had two lovely baby showers, one for friends and one for family, and was given some great advice from everyone.

Also I had a feeling that I wouldn’t have the birth I’d dreamed about. My Obstetrician said there were no problems with trying a natural delivery, but I ended up with an induction, epidural, and caesarian due to failure to progress. But through it all I was happy my son was delivered safely and received the medical attention he needed straight away.

There are many things from the first two months of Aiden’s life I would love to go back and change, but I can’t. This time was very difficult for me, especially when Aiden developed the infection and became very ill; when my husband took me out to lunch on Valentine’s Day and I had to leave my baby at the hospital and I saw other Mum’s out at the shops with their babies, and I wished I had mine with me; and desperately wanting to go home and start our new life as a family.

I tried to deal with it all as best as I could and take each day as it came. I could have easily fallen into the depths of despair, but I needed to be strong for my child and be his advocate and complex care coordinator, to work with the medical team to work out the best ways to fulfill his needs.  We also had a great support network of family, friends and our church communities supporting us and praying for us. Also on the ground we had the Family Support Officer from Heart Kids visiting twice a week with food and someone to talk to, and the lovely friends we’ve made of other parents and children on the ward with us. I really do feel the support from everyone and God answering prayers brought us through what was a very difficult few years.

When I think back to the first few years, I do break down and cry, but when I compose myself I realise there is so much to be thankful for. I am so thankful that Aiden is now a happy and healthy 4 ½ year old. He can walk, run and jump. His speech is improving and he can communicate well enough with us. I am very thankful for our Public Health System, where we didn’t have to pay for his hospitalizations, surgery, medications, medical staff or the many hours of therapy sessions. I am thankful for the wonderful medical staff who looked after him so very well. I am thankful that I haven’t had to return to work, but could stay at home and look after my son and take him to the numerous health appointments. I am so thankful that I still have my little boy who calls me Mummy. This has been such a character building time, and I am thankful that God has made me a much better person now than I was before.


My gorgeous boys

Excerpt from This is who I am by Third Day

This is who I am, oh, this is who I am

So take me and make me something so much more

This is who I am, oh, this is who I am

So change me and make me someone better than before

So, take me as I am

But please don’t leave me that way

‘Cause I know that You can

Make me better than I am today

Oh, better than today.


Heart Kids



Cuppa for Heart Kids – Our Cuppa for HeartKids campaign is now running throughout August and September. This is a national fundraising campaign to support HeartKids in its work. It is a fun and easy activity where you can invite your friends, family, work colleagues to join you for a tea party and make a real difference in the fight against Childhood Heart Disease. To find out more, please visit the website.



Odd socks




There it is, our sock basket, home of the lost souls (or should that be lost SOLES? *wink*), resting place for the as-yet-unmatched socks. Most of them find their partner and are freed but there are some that may NEVER escape the basket. Sometimes, when I’m really not in the mood for laundry and find my mind wandering, I wonder what has happened to those other socks. What is a sock without it’s twin? Is the sock doomed or is the sock getting into all sorts of adventures. Oh yeah, mostly these thoughts are after too much wine too.

So, with tongue firmly in cheek, I decided to come up with a list of ten things a lone sock can do:

  1. Use it to make a bun-enhancer like this
  2. Collect bits of used soap inside and hang it in the shower or bath for soap on a rope
  3. Use it over a vacuum hose to remove spiders or find tiny items like in this pic
  4. Put over your hand to dust blinds and lampshades
  5. Make a sock puppet (a sock monkey requires two socks)
  6. Cut the toe off and use as a tubular bandage to hold ice, compresses, dressings etc in place
  7. Fill with wheat, sew the end closed and use as a heat pack
  8. Cut the toe off and then slide over your straightener, curling iron or hairdryer (with the cord already wrapped around the appliance) to keep cords untangled
  9. Keep it in your handbag for when you need to try shoes on in a store
  10. Stuff with your keys etc and then bury in the sand when you’re at the beach.

Any other ideas? Like cleaning vases? Or like maybe I lay off the red wine? haha!

Laura x